Kaja is a virtual host running grml, located at the B├╝rgernetz Ulm.


On December 16, kaja got rooted and I had to set it up again. This time I used grml-debootstrap and postfix. Most parts of the old setup are still valid.

Old Setup

  • We’ll bootstrap from a netbooted Grml installation by installing it to /dev/hda using grml2hd. All steps should be done in screen(1) in case the network connection breaks.

  • First, we need to partition the disk.

    • I decided to make a 6gb /root+/boot, 2gb /swap and 12gb /home.
  • grml2hd

    • Install on /dev/hda1.

    • Install the boot manager to mbr.

    • Use ext3.

    • grml2hd now copies all stuff. (Takes roughly 20 minutes.)

    • No additional boot parameters.

    • Hostname: kaja.

    • Default keyboard.

    • en with unicode as language.

    • Set passwords.

    • grml-autoconfig: Disable gpm.

    • grml-setservices: Disable mdadm.

    • remove-packages-server: Keep bind9, dirvish, filetraq.

    • Use lilo.

  • mkswap /dev/hda2.

  • mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda3.

  • Adapt /mnt/hda1/etc/fstab.

  • Mount /dev/hda3(!) and cp -a /mnt/hda1/home/* /mnt/hda3.

  • Reboot and pray.

  • Clean up ~.

  • apt-get update.

  • Remove all (most) X11 packages (start with x11-common).

  • Remove various Opt/Xtr stuff. Don’t forget to purge.

  • apt-get upgrade.

  • Install exim4-base.

  • Enable IPKFSTART=1 in /etc/default/ipkungfu and configure it.

  • Add ipkungfu in runlevel.conf.

  • Setup BIND9.

  • Add bind9 in runlevel.conf.
  • Make sure port 53 is open on TCP and UDP(!).

  • Install ruby1.8-dev. And the rest of apt-cache showsrc ruby1.8. (Suckers.)

  • Add to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

  • Install collectd.

  • Setup rrdtool. rrdtool graph prints 0x0.

  • Setup gitweb.


  • The default xterm-color terminfo is not VT220 compatible. (Backspace and Delete are swapped with

    • Hack solution: cp /lib/terminfo/x/xterm-debian /etc/terminfo/x/xterm-color