Kihawahine is a HP 9000 712/60 “Gecko” (60 MHz PA-7100LC, 128 MB RAM) with a two SCSI disks (4G and 2G).

The naming

The lizard goddess, or mo’o, Kihawahine is said to guard the fresh water springs that gave life to native plants and fishponds that sustained the village.


The machine came with HPUX 9. I first tried OpenBSD 5.1, but there is no X11 support. Also, I wanted to finally play with NeXTSTEP.

Installing NeXTSTEP: you’ll need a SCSI disk smaller than 2G to install (or much bigger than 4G, perhaps. My 4G one gets displayed as “38MB”, and the Disk Builder doesn’t want to install anything on it, because it is “too small”).

Also, I did not have a SCSI CD-ROM drive, but you can install NeXTSTEP from a SCSI disk as well (I used the 4G for that): Setup a BOOTP server (not DHCP!) to load OpenBSD bsd.rd, NFS mount the directory containing the NeXTSTEP ISO image, and dd it to another SCSI disk (or just burn a cd).

Boot with boot scsi.$N.0, follow the steps. It should be straight forward.

You only have FTP in the base system. (HTTP only was invented on NeXTSTEP, remember?) Either setup a local FTP server to push data, or get snarf-7.0 and build it like this:

echo "#define STDERR_FILENO 2" >>config.h

Most modern software will not build on NeXTSTEP anymore, making everything a frustrating experience. If you find a version of OpenSSH that builds, tell me.