Nexus 5X

I got a Nexus 5X on 2016-05-10 (from Highend Electronics via, 323.80€ plus 9.99€ early morning shipping) with 32G storage.

Included is only a USB-C charger and cable, so I needed to get a USB-A-to-USB-C cable (Schwanthaler, 1m 8€), which was hard to find in a store.

Unlocking the bootloader

Quite similar to the Nexus 5. Again, this will wipe all data so do I as the very first thing (I did a OTA update to 6.0.1 first, tho).

I used android-tools-5.1.1r13 on Void Linux (Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.32).

  • Settings -> About -> Tap “Build Number” seven times
  • Settings -> Developer -> OEM unlocking -> Enable
  • Settings -> Developer -> USB debugging -> Enable
  • Plug in USB -> Allow
  • Verify USB connection works:

    % sudo adb devices
    List of devices attached 
    00xxxxxxxxxxxx69    device
  • Reboot phone, press Power then quickly Volume Down to enter fastboot.

    % sudo fastboot devices
    00xxxxxxxxxxxx69    fastboot
    % sudo fastboot oem unlock
    OKAY [ 15.398s]
    finished. total time: 15.398s

    (Choose yes on display.)

  • Reboot, it now shows a spooky warning message and an open lock.


  • Enable USB debugging again and copy SuperSU:

    adb push /sdcard/
  • Reboot, enter fast boot and temporarily(!) load TWRP (I prefer to keep the default bootloader, YMMV) and install SuperSU.

    fastboot boot ~/tmp/twrp-3.0.2-0-bullhead.img
  • Most steps taken from

Install AdAway

You can now install AdAway.


The phone broke on 2017-09-19, showing symptoms of what is known as a popular boot loop bug, even if it doesn’t actually loop.

I tried the alternative kernels from but I couldn’t run the phone for more than three minutes.