I acquired a Preonic keyboard from Drop.

I ordered it on 2020-04-23, it was delivered on 2020-09-18, due to some production delays.

Drop + OLKB Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3$183
Halo Clear
Carrying Case
Shipping & Handling$7.48
Tax & Handling€33.89
2x ZKAPOR Magnetic USB C Kabel€10.99


Very straight forward, watch a quick YouTube video about it, and don’t forget to assemle the stabilisers first.

For later tweaking, I recommend getting a key cap puller.


I prepared an initial layout using the QMK configurator and converted it into C later, see my GitHub.


I mapped some keys to special chars in the us-intl layout, using plain RALT() works fine; remember to (re)set the X11 keyboard layout after plugging it in.


See the repo for details; I decided to use Colemak-DHm as a basis.

Matrix Colemak-DHm

For learning I can recommend Colemak Academy, it’s less boring and has more real words than others.