Since early 2012 I’ve been interested in mechanical keyboards and acquired some:

  • FILCO Majestouch NINJA Tenkeyless FKBN87M/EB2 (MX Brown), US layout, PS2/USB, new

  • IBM Model M 1391403/1994-06-15 (Buckling Spring), DE layout, PS2, used

  • IBM Model M 1394312/2001 (Buckling Spring), DE layout (122 keys), Terminal, used

  • Preonic

  • Atreus

  • Moonlander

  • Cherry G80-3000N RGB TKL

Other keyboards perhaps worth of mention:

  • Apple Keyboard A1048, US layout, USB, refurbished

  • Apple Keyboard A1243, DE layout, USB, new

  • Sun Type 6 Keyboard, US layout (Unix style), USB, used

  • Sun Type 5c Keyboard, US layout (Unix style), Serial, used

I’m in search for any Happy Hacking keyboard, any US-layout Model M, a IBM Model M Spacesaver (Tenkeyless), and a SGI Granite.

I use the Terminal Model M with a Teensy 2.0 running t.m.k. terminal_usb. (I used Soarer’s Converter first, but I prefer open source software and t.m.k. also has a driver for the Sun Type 5c working on the same hardware.)